We strive to be the best!
Knowledgeworks Publishing

                                    Publishing House of Award Winning Authors!
We are dedicated to the publishing of non-fiction self-help books providing critical information for use in people's everyday lives.  Life-saving, healing, spiritual, nutritional and inspirational stories.

Publishing a book is a long and cumbersome process.  For a first time author it can mean endless hours of writing, editing, researching and putting your heart and soul into a piece of work that you want people to read.  Unfortunately, in the publishing world it can also mean your manuscript being rejected by multiple publishers, years out before publication or not at all.

Quality is something we all strive for and in order for a book to be taken seriously, it must have a professional touch.  Here at Knowledgeworks Publishing we do everything to ensure our books are up to industry standards.  We only publish exceptional quality books for authors so they can succeed in the highly competitive industry and get the recognition they deserve.

Writing a book is often a huge undertaking involving years of work.  We support authors in the editing, design, publishing and distribution of their books or ebooks.

You can rely on us for quality control and perfection.  You deserve no less.
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